Toyota Brand Survives Latest Recalls

18 Jul

It is no secret that Toyota has had a rough year in 2009 after recalling more than 8 million vehicles worldwide due to faulty gas pedals.  Their most recent troubles came this July, when the automaker announced it was recalling 138,000 Lexus cars due to engine problems.  According to CNN the engines were prone to stall out in rare instances.  However, despite all of this, the motor giant has somehow managed to rise through the flames in 2010, posting in May a $2.2 billion annual profit for the fiscal year.

In its 72 year history, the automaker has managed to stay at the top of the market in the United States trumping out both Ford and General Motors in 2008, becoming the number one car maker in the world according to the New York Times.  But just how has the automaker managed to overcome these continuous recalls?

The answer to that question may be found at the heart of Toyota’s success, its customers.  For the past 72 years Toyota has built a brand that rest on dependability and reliance, and their loyal customers were not about to leave them in the dust during their recall crisis.

Andrea Tavernini of Galveston, Texas is one of those customers.  She told ABC news that after owning three Toyota vehicles in the past; she intends to buy a fourth car from them this year.  “I know they’ve gotten a bad rap lately, but they’re amazing products.”

Toyota driver Linda Abar of Lansing, Michigan still believes in the brand as well.  Stating, “Toyota is great.  My husband drives one, and that’s the reason why I decided to get one.  They are well made cars, and I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about this whole thing.”   

(Click video for more from Linda Abar)

ABC news reports that “some customers are actually more confident of the brand than ever.”  These reports taken from showed that “49 percent of Toyota’s sales have come from consumers trading in other Toyota vehicles, up from 42 percent last year.” 

Toyota has also stepped up incentives for customers, ultimately costing them “$2,800   for every vehicle they sold in March,” according to ABC.

This month was however the first time Toyota stepped forward and acknowledged that “an internal review found sudden-acceleration complaints to be valid.”

For detailed locations relevant to the recalls check google map here.




One Response to “Toyota Brand Survives Latest Recalls”

  1. Jacqueline Smith July 25, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    I think it’s very interesting that some consumers are actually more confident in Toyota than before this p.r nightmare began. However, I’m not one of their loyal consumers, and frankly I don’t see myself ever buying a car from them anytime in the near future.

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