Wikipedia Post- Gateway Communtiy Services

22 Jul

Very few people know much about the amazing resources available in the Lansing area.  While researching a news story, I was fortunate to learn about a great non-profit program in the community called Gateway Community Services.  They work to assist teens that are either at risk or from low income households obtain an education and find career and life paths that will help them grow and become valuable contributors to our society.  Their programs include a 24-hour crisis line, lodging for runaway youth, and career placement services. 

While much of what is discussed in the media tends to focus on the negative, programs like this are working to build strong communities and their efforts deserve recognition.  To my surprise, this program did not yet have a Wikipedia page, which means there may be quite a bit of individuals out there who can benefit from their resources but just have not heard about them yet.    Please visit their newly created Wikipedia page at:

Or visit their website at

For more information about their programs!


2 Responses to “Wikipedia Post- Gateway Communtiy Services”

  1. Patrick Hayes July 26, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    From their website: “This program is designed to go out onto the streets and locate and serve youth in their spaces, instead of waiting for them to come to us.”

    Love the proactive approach this group takes. In Flint, we have a lot of community organizations with similar purposes, but they don’t find many of the people they could help because they don’t actively go out and try to find the people.

    • klowe721 July 29, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

      It’s great to hear about the good that’s being done for kids in Lansing, particularly amid all of the violence lately. I found Gateway’s Higher Ground program especially interesting. Facilitating growth in the families of at-risk teens is so crucial, because we know a family’s influence is the most important thing of all. Activities to keep kids out of trouble are extremely beneficial, but can only go so far.

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