Queen of the Blogosphere: Arianna Huffington

31 Jul

Forbes magazine was on to something, when in 2009 they marked Arianna Huffington as the 12th Most Influential Woman in the Media.  And since then she has moved up the charts of Guardian’s Top 100 in the Media List, landing at a very impressive number 42.

And it comes with little surprise that the Greek-American author and syndicated columnist is being given so much acclaim, her current contribution to the online news blog The Huffington Post has made it one of the most read blogs in the world.  Now while I am quite sure I’m not alone in singing her praises for covering a vast array of political, entertainment, and foreign affair issues.   It is the classy and I might I even add intelligent manner in which she approaches her work that has made her a must read on my blog list.

One key reason I tend to migrate to the Huffington Post for info on what is happening in today’s world, is because she follows Jeff Jarvis’s rule for successful online writing, “cover what you do best, and link to the rest.”  Arianna spends little space in her stories discussing, who, what, and how she came across her sources.  Instead she tells you the info, of course gives her own personal opinion and links you to trustable news site, etc. that break down the facts of the story further.  As a television journalist, I appreciate the effectiveness of her approach.  I quickly become frustrated with the mundane and often repetitive nature online news organizations often take in re-telling the news in an online forum.  In my opinion, all I need are the bare facts of the story (ie: why should I care).  If I need further details, link me to where I can obtain them. 

Arianna’s method also, prevents her from having to be the eyes, and ears for the entire world.  No one journalist and/or blogger could possibly accurately cover all the news occurring across the globe.  They can however gather information from several news organizations and summarize for their audience, and in this regard The Huffington Post scores major points with me.

My final input on the Huffington is the simplicity in which the blog is composed.  If it has not yet been gathered, I absolutely despise wasting my time.  When online, I look for sites that keep me informed without confusing me with strange layouts and links.  Once again, gold star goes to the Huffington Post for keeping it simple.  The top of the homepage consist of list of topics from news to food to college and to travel.  I click, I read, I’m informed and entertained.  No scrolling through strange or old content.  And of course there is the beloved “search” button in the top right corner of the blog.  So if what I’m looking for doesn’t immediately jump out at me, I can find it myself!  Kudos Ms. Huffington on keeping it simple and thus keeping yourself #1 on my must read blog list.


One Response to “Queen of the Blogosphere: Arianna Huffington”

  1. asteinfield August 1, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    I read the Huffington Post often. It is also near the top of my daily (or at least 3-4 times a week) reads. She does a great job providing the brief breakdown and links to the details if you want them.

    I especially love when she links a news story to the Daily Show. Of course thats also because love Jon Stewart.

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