My Entry Into Knight Foundation Challenge

14 Aug

As a journalist I have always held aspirations that through my work I will one day change the world. Well through a very interesting class assignment, one of my professors has challenged us to think of an idea that will in fact change the world of journalism. For the past four years the Knight Foundation has held a contest awarding $5 million a year to individuals or organizations with innovative ideas to “transform community news, conversations and information distribution and visualization.”
After reading through the great ideas of winners past, I believe that an idea I’ve had for some time now would be a perfect inclusion into the contest. My proposed project is simple. Create a website that allows people to post broadcast news stories on subjects of their choosing, for the world to view. The site will hold everyone to maintain journalistic standards on their work, but it will ultimately be a one stop shop for all the global news any one may feel is worth learning about.
The goal of this project is to bring awareness to stories that perhaps may never get told. I have found that some of the best stories I have covered originated from ideas fed to me by people in the community. Many of these stories get passed upon by professional news organizations because they are either too time consuming or costly to cover. It would then be a great idea to equip the community with a platform to tell their stories in a professional environment that can be fact checked and held as journalistic work.
While the site will mostly attract the work of current working journalist, I also believe it will attract those individuals whom have been waiting to draw light upon important issues in their community. I especially hope it will draw out young people, to open up and tell stories that are important to them as well.
In the world of journalism, it often is assumed that we are the keepers of the information that must be told to the public. By breaking down that barrier of entitlement, much more stories will be told and shared, thus opening up the gateways of information.
While I of course think my idea is great, perhaps you have an idea you think could make a difference. If so, enter it! Visit this website to read up on the Knight Foundation Challenge, and how you can submit your entry!

You can check out my entry here!


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